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TF2 Trading Offering and Wanted posts for TF2 item trading. This forum is readable by the general public, even non-logged in users.

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Default Be very careful who you trade with...

Steam will punish you, even if you did nothing wrong.
Very long so I will post the link.

Short version is...

Guy bought or traded for stuff in steam.

Then he traded for some items in the steam trade.

Days later items disappear from his account, and he gets trade banned.

He contacts support, they tell him that the items that were removed were stolen items and that any items he had traded for those items he would not get back, AND because he traded for stolen items he got the ban.

He messages them back, asking them how hes suppose to know the items were stolen because steam does not provide any way to know if the items are stolen or not and they pretty much told him that he should be more aware of receiving stolen items but don't actually tell him how hes suppose to do that.

It pretty much just goes down hill from there.

To my knowledge there is no way to see who were the last few owners of an item and when they traded for it and if it was stolen or not.
I'm cheap, if the game isn't under 5 bucks on steam I don't even really consider it, even then its got to be one heck of a game.
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According the messages sent back and forth, the thing that really got him in trouble was acting like a middle man, and accepting a really silly trade (somebody's entire TF2 backpack). He knowingly accepted the items, and then sent them to somebody else. While he didn't know the account he was receiving items from was hijacked, he ended up trading them to what seems to be the hijacker in question.

He really should've known better to be honest, I know some people thrive on trading, but an ounce of prevention means a pound of cure here. Don't accept weird trades with people you don't know that well.
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Can't really know from his post that he did not know what he did was wrong. However, he seems to be a person who has that uncanny ability to be unable to admit he was wrong or let something go. He keeps demanding that they tell him exactly what rule he broke, like he is in court or something. I've dealt with this before. Keep harping on one point that may not even be important and maybe they will get confused (or tired of the constant emails) and let me have my way.
Things like this is one of the reasons I never really liked trading. I think the market place was Valves way of trying to kill trades like this off.

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