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Tiberius Hemlock
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Default TF2 and O-T

Hope this doesn't keep me from O-T or banned from the forum, but thought I would make this post.

In the past 2 years on steam I've seen lots of servers, lots of groups. One thing I've learned can destroy a truly wonderful "clan/group" is rot.

Games come and go, some few hardcore players stay, but while may be a core, they can't be the "clan" in itself.

It's not news I want to be in O-T because the few L4D2 people in the clan I know I truly cherish. Which is one reason I make this post.

Another "clan" I'm not in, but damn near in just as much as I'm in the L4D2 group is falling apart.

Even within our own L4D2 group it's hitting some hiccups, perhaps the lack of early tank withdrawal is a sympton.

Back to my main point, groups need to add more people. New ideas, new concepts, new perspectives keep things fresh. Old timers can always keep the sheep wrangled, but when sheep get thin, you can't just keep just shepherds.

Second reason I post this, while I love O-T, the main L4D2 server is dead outside of 8pm, and the TF2 server is dead damn near EVERY day... except for the random "core" member making a post and gaining interest from the flock with what remains.

Guess what I want, and would like to see, is that L4D2 8pm being filled long before scuzzy asks, maybe even having multiple games in sync because there are just that man members wanting to play.

TF2 seems to have a bigger hold, so that REALLY makes me sad. With all the TF2 players, how can the server not have at least 4-5 players at any given time.

Anyway my thoughts....
-Josh aka Tiberus
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This should've been posted in the main subforum...

As for starting up a L4D2 game before 8PM Eastern, it's hard to get a group together, most people are busy earlier in the day, myself included. It's also notoriously hard to get a game going anyway. There's not enough people laying around the sub straight, on the plus side, some of them might be sub-par in terms of how agreeable they are and how they fit in. You've also got the skill factor, how good they are, L4D2's PvP isn't something to be laughed at. It's highly competitive.

Fortress Forever's much the same way, it takes just one popular player to pull in the others. At least the TF2 server's listed, they've had problems getting the old O-T FF server up and running again on the main server list. Some code conflicts inside of the tools are preventing the fix(es) for the mod servers to be listed from steam's master list again.

As for pulling in players, send out some mass invites to the regulars, they may come in and play if you persuade them enough. I refuse to play TF2 myself, but there are those players out there. It's a matter of reaching out.
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