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Because of the limited number of players now, the guess after a question and not asking two questions in a row have been disabled.

This is a BETA application. It may have bugs, it may not work 100%. Please PM Scuzzy with any bugs you find.

New Rules:A Place must be a real place on planet Earth. A Person can be real or imaginary, imaginary must be well known from TV or Movie from the last 50 years. A Thing must be a real thing contained within earth's atmosphere.
Twenty Questions
Round Information

Round #93

Run Time
2 years, 11 months, 13 days, 5 hours, 22 minutes, 22 seconds
Subject:Waiting for Start...
Hint #1:N/A
Hint #2:
Hint #3:
Answerer: Whiplash777
Questions Remaining: 20

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Questions Asked
When Asked Asker Question Answer
No questions have been asked yet.
* Maybe or No Clue means that the answer could either be Yes or No, or your question is far too broad to answer with a Yes or No with this subject, or the question can not apply in any way shape or form to the subject at hand and Yes and No don't apply. This means you need to re-think the types of questions you ask and *how* you ask them. Re-Read the guidelines below.
Guesses Made
When Guessed Guesser Guess Answer
No guesses have been made yet.

This round is still being setup by the winner of the last round. Once they have choosen a subject the round will begin. The player has 18 hours to choose a subject before forfeiting the round to a random player.

The Rules

This game is to be light-hearted and fun, if you have to justify and defend your point of view on an subject it may not be for you.

Note: Only the asker and the answerer of a "Not a Valid Question" see the question as to not confuse anyone.

The Rules
  1. The answerer thinks of a subject and the other players ask questions that can be answered Yes, No, or Maybe.
  2. The first questioner to come up with the solution becomes the new answerer. After 20 questions, if the questioners have not come up with the correct answer, the same answerer starts a new round.
  3. You can not personally ask two questions in a row.
  4. You can not make a guess until you've asked a question.
  5. You can only make one guess per round.
  6. Once you make a guess you can no longer ask questions.
Guidelines for Answering
If an individual asks a question that you do not know the answer to in pertaining to your subject, then answer "Maybe". This is not the only reason to answer Maybe, but it's the default answer when you are unsure.

If you have to rationalize in your own mind what the answer is you're over thinking or it was a poorly worded question. Each question should quickly come to your mind with a "Yes" or "No", pick the one that best suits the item.

Questions like "Is the subject female?" should for the most part by binary "Yes/No", go with the technical definition. If you pick someone who was born a dude but claims to be a woman trapped in a mans body or is RuPaul, answering "Yes" to "Is the subject female?" would be considered a lie.
Guidelines for Asking
Ask CAREFULLY. Some questions are more valuable then others. For instance, if you know something is a common household item it wastes questions to ask "Is it in the Living room?", "Is it in the basement?" until all rooms in the house are gone. Narrow down the parameters of the object rather then it's location.

Beware using the words typical and/or common. Just because something is found in your house does not necessarily make it common. Likewise, just because you do not own something does not make it uncommon. The answerer is entitled to interpret these types of subjective questions as they see fit.

Might also add something to the answer guidelines such as:
"Interpreting something as common or typical just because you own it or have seen it sold in stores could be misleading. Try to label only very generic things as "common"."

Make sure your questions have Yes or No answers and are clear enough that you know what "Yes" means. For instance, when you ask, "Could you put it in your mouth?" If the object is a paper clip, the answer is "Yes", because size wise it would fit and it wouldn't kill you. Answering "Yes" to this question does not mean the item is food.

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