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What are the language rules on the server and forums?
  1. No Foul language
  2. No Inappropriate language content, including but not limited to:
    1. Sexual content
    2. Racist content
    3. The explanation of feminine hygiene products and or bodily functions.
    4. Descriptions of Finch naked.

Why do you filter language in a violent video game?
There are a number of reasons why we try to tone the language down. We've found that players that can tone down their language are more fun to play with. Swearing and calling names doesn't really foster a Team environment, nor does it add anything to the game experience for us. It's a trend we've found, nothing more nothing less. Sexual content is not permitted because discussing these topics in front of children is not appropriate. We have had instances were players have wanted to discuss sexual topics with children. These people have been reported to the proper authorities. We also play with our kids and in some cases our grandkids, we'd like the server communication content as clean as possible for them and us.

Why are certain words like 'Jesus' considered inappropriate?
There are a few words in the filter that either bother some clan members but maybe not all. Some couldn't care less, others do. Jesus and Fag would be examples that probably fall into that category, but we don't know when they were added or by whom. Other words have been spammed half a million times by some people trying to be annoying (bastard is an example of one) and to stop people from saying it over and over and over again it was added to the filter.

What are the penalties for not following the language policy?
The language filter is setup as follows:
  1. First Occurrence: slayed.
  2. Second Occurrence in 30 minute time span: slayed.
  3. Third Occurrence in 30 minute time span: banned for half an hour.
After that each occurance is a progressively longer ban, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, after the 4th temp ban each ban is 1 calendar year.

The rules for voice communication are a bit stricter, you'll get one warning, maybe two, before you are kicked. Continue to be a problem and you'll be perm banned.
Intentionally ignoring the language comments (ie swearing consecutively to intentionally get banned) falls under the "Intentionally ignoring server polices" rule and can result in a perm ban. If you did it to intentionally get banned chances are we'll make sure you keep your wish.

Intentionally trying to circumvent the language filter will result in a perm ban.

Use of racist comments will get you a perm ban, no warning.

Intentional inappropriate content to children on the server will get you a perm ban and reported to the proper authorities. We have had to do this in the past to catch pedophiles, it's easy for the police to track you down by IP address.

Are you saying people who swear aren't great players?
Not at all. We do not believe that everyone who has scream "shitz ur pawned muthafucka!" every time they make a kill isn't a great player, they could be the best TFC player in the world, they just aren't someone we'd prefer to play with.

Are you saying I can't swear? Isn't that Nazi censorship? Aren't you eroding Freedom of Speech?
Absolutely not. We are not saying that you can not swear or use whatever language you see fit while playing TFC or any other activity. People should feel free to express themselves while they play the game. You are more then welcome to swear, scream, hollar, hell you can play naked if it makes you feel better. All we ask is that you do not hit the Microhone key when you do decide to swear up a storm and refrain from typing it out while in our servers. It's very much like Hacks/Cheats, you're more then welcome to have them, use them in other servers if they are OK with that sort of thing, we just ask that you do not use them in our servers. Simple enough.

I am mentally unable to refrain from swearing in the server when I'm playing TFC/FF/TF2, what do I do?
There are other servers that provide an environment for you to play in. There are servers that will allow you to swear, use cheats, and everything else that makes some players happy. We ask that players without the ability to not hit the mic button or type on the keyboard to swear go to these places.

"Bob" was violating your language policy and no one did anything about it!
There is a section in the forums called Player to Clan Communication to lodge complaints of this sort. No one will be able to see your posts but you and the clan. If admin's in the server didn't catch it chances are they were busy playing the game. The clan members in the server are there primarily to play, not baby sit. We appreciate your diligence and welcome you bringing situations like this to our attention in the forum mentioned above.

I was swearing because player X was violating other rules and I got kicked, isn't that unfair?
The admin's on the server do the best job they can with the time they can. They do occasionally miss other situations going on, they are busy playing the game just like everyone else. They will handle whatever situation they see first. If you feel there were extra circumstances in your situation please post them in the Player to Clan Communication section of the forums and we'll review your case.

Why do you let your kids play violent video games of killing but not allow swearing?
The difference is learning to deal with frustration. In the video game you kill and blow people up, yes it is violent, but there is a separation from reality. If you learn to swear and verbably attack people when you are frustrated in game, that tends to become a learned behavior both in and OUT of the game. Kids won't learn to kill someone with an RPG when they are frustrated, but they'll pick up calling you names very quickly.

Put another way, the learned language behavior will spill over into real life, the killing to get a flag.... not so much.

Are you trying to justify all language filtering?
No, the reasons outlined in this FAQ pertain soley to The Old Timers Clan. You will need to find answers to the general reasons for language filters somewhere else, we suggest Google.

Why don't you just censor the language instead of slaying several times and finally temp banning people?
We have used in-game sensors in the past and found that they slow the server down. There are one or two in-game censors that work just fine for people who type exactly the right word, character for character. People today do a great deal to get around those swear filters and are quite successful at it. We have a fairly complex filter that's going to pick up words under several different spellings. "Nigger" and "N!ggg33rr" are pretty much the same thing to our system. If this were an in-game process this level of sophstication it would put a serious lag on the server. The external filter is there so you don't get lagged out in game. As of yet no one has been able to give us a filter with this level of complexity that can run in-game and not lag the server. If you have one written in SourceMod that you have tested and can provide us with benchmark data that can handle 8 servers with 20 players all at the same time and performs as quickly and lag-free as our current system while censoring we'd love to see your data. Please use the Contact Us form to get us that information.

What if I intentionally try to circumvent the language filter?
You'll be banned permanently.

If your server is "clean" why do you have member names like BuckAssNaked and CrazyAss?
These names were debated at length by the clan and deamed OK.

We ask that players do not attempt to intentionally push the limits when choosing a handle in the server or forums. When asked to choose a more appropriate handle please do so quickly and choose wisely. After being asked to change your handle, choosing something like "Funt Cucker" will probably just get you perm banned.

We do not want to have to debate every name or debate this policy with the playerbase again. Thank you for your cooperation.

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