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Server and Forum Rules
Section I - Rules
  1. No Foul language (See - The Old Timers Clan Language Policy)
  2. No Inappropriate language content, including but not limited to:
    1. Sexual content
    2. The explanation of feminine hygiene products and or bodily functions.
    3. Descriptions of Finch naked.
    4. See The Old Timers Clan Language Policy for more details
  3. No Teamshooting
  4. No intentional team killing in the Hidden:Source server for ANY reason. Provoked or otherwise you will be banned.
  5. No Respawn camping (see definition below)
  6. No Blocking respawn doors
  7. No Grenade spamming respawn doors
  8. No attempting to cross to the other side of the map on sniper-type maps. (play the map as intended by the author)
  9. No shooting the "Hunted" with auto-rifle on "Hunted" maps (play the map as intended by the author)
  10. No entering the enemy respawns.
    1. Entering an enemy respawn to attack, infect, or otherwise disrupt game-play is not permitted
    2. Exceptions
      1. Entering an enemy respawn in pursuit of an enemy trying to escape you is permitted.
      2. Entering an enemy respawn (such as 2fort) as a disguised spy only to get health and then leave is permitted, if you attack anyone while doing this you will be kicked.
  11. Treat [o-t] members with respect.
  12. Treat other players with respect.
  13. No Bunny Hopping (Note: This rule will not apply to Fortress Forever until the clan reviews the game as a whole)
  14. No Exploits
  15. No Cheats/Hacks
    1. Using a lower quality DirectX in Hidden to gain an advantage is considered a cheating and you will be banned for it.
  16. No Clan Recruiting.
  17. No advertising servers (This includes in our forums)
  18. If you asked to be banned and/or want to appear 'cool' by being banned from [o-t] we comply with all such requests. Bans of this nature are irrevocable.
  19. Intentionally ignoring the rules above will result in a permanent ban.
    1. This includes, but is not limited to, intentionally swearing consistently to get a short term ban. Push the limits to be banned and you'll get what you asked for.

Section II - Additional Steam-IDs
We recognize that some people may play from the same location as other people. Adults may allow their children to play; brothers/sisters may both have TFC/FF/TF2, etc. This can cause problems if one person is a problem on the server. Know that when an account is banned all subsequent accounts associated with that account will also be banned. Be careful where you play and who you play with. If you are a parent, make sure your child knows the rules on our server before playing. You are responsible for the actions of your children on the server. You are responsible for the actions of those playing from your IP, friend, family, or foe. Again, ANY Steam-IDs associated with a banned account will also be banned. It does not matter if you are two different people. We will not go into investigations for these types of bans.

* Definition: Spawn Camping

  • Attack Defend maps (dustbowl style): There is no such thing as respawn camping, from either team. The entire idea of these maps is for the defending team to keep the attacking team from advancing, especially if that's out of their own respawn. Even the attacking team is allowed to hold the defending team in THEIR respawn, as if the attacking team allows that they are idiots.
  • CTF maps only: If a sentry is within line of site of an actual enemy respawn door, no matter how many exits, it's not good. On the defensive side, if you build items too near a respawn door the destruction of those items and the collertal damage resulting in said destruction is not respawn camping.
  • On maps where there is a route not in direct site of a respawn door, or multiple route like exits to a respawn "area", where the respawning team can retreat into and regroup, sentry's and attacks can be made on people leaving those tunnel areas. Attacking people IN those tunnels is not good form. An example of this would be both respawns in Casbah. The opening courtyard is free game. The entrance into the courtyards can be held, pitching stuff INTO the entrance into the courtyards can not. ie a sentry guns line of sight should be as close to a cross section to the tunnel exit as much as possible.
  • If someone runs away from you into their respawn they have just made that respawn an acceptable target until the individual leaves or is killed. In FF they are more then welcome to follow the offending player into their respawn and do as much damage as possible. In TF2, since they can't follow them in, they are welcome to wait for the idiot to come out. Collatoral damage in this instance is expected.
  • Firing out of your respawn makes your respawn door a viable target of the opposing team.
This policy is open to judgment calls based on a specific maps layouts by individual clan members. If a clan member says you are spawn camping the offending player would be advised to discuss it in the forums and not argue the point in the server. One comment of "Here is why I fired there" is ok, if the judgement of the clan member stands after your explanation it is advised that you drop it and bring it back up in the forums at a later time. Saying "but yesterday Drizzle let us do xyz" isn't a valid defense.

Server Administration Questions, Ban Information, etc.

How do I join The Old Timers Clan?

You have probably been sent here because you asked to join the [o-t].  The Old Timers Clan is an invite only clan.  There is no application process and asking how to join is considered bad form.  The characteristics we look for in a new member are:

  • Must be 21 years of age or above.
  • Mature, well mannered in the servers.
  • Understands and follows server rules.
  • You must use your microphone in game on a regular basis. It would be difficult to know how old or mature you are without hearing you often.
  • Logged into our forums and is a contributor to the [o-t] community.
  • Not be a member of another TFC/FF/TF2 Clan.

    Note: If you decide to leave your current clan in hopes of getting an invitation that is your choice, but it does not in any way guarantee you will get an invitation.

The clan takes time to know an individual and make sure they are a good fit. We are not a fast growing clan. In 2005 only five people were asked to join the clan, nine in 2006, and five in 2007. The average time a person had spent on our servers prior to being asked to join in 2007 was one full calendar year. If you feel entitled to membership to [o-t] you should look elsewhere for a clan.

Publicly announcing you want to join the [o-t] is not a good idea.  Hinting that you want to join [o-t] is not a good idea.  Having friends say you should be in the [o-t] is not a good idea.  Asking members constantly about membership is not a good idea and will probably result in you never entering the clan.   No one whom has ever made it clear they feel entitled to join has ever been asked to join.  Asking about it or feeling slighted by the clan gives the appearance of feeling entitled. Everything you need to know is on this page.

Lying about your age to try and join the [o-t] will probably get you banned from the servers and the forums.

So, play on the servers on a regular basis, use your microphone, obey the server rules, contribute to the forums and you'll most likely be noticed and admired.  Play on the servers for fun, not membership.

What are the TF2 Trading Guidelines for the [o-t] environment?
Our servers are primarily for playing, not for trading. If you want to trade please find another server and use the steam-friends list to contact individuals. They will decide to either ignore you and keep playing or join you in your other server and free up a slot for people looking to play.

If you are looking for a specific item, please use the forums designed for trading instead of spamming requests in-game.

Old Timers Clan Language Rules
Over the years many people have asked questions about our language rules, this section is an attempt to consolidate the answers to those questions. After reading through this section please feel free to ask for clarification on any item you do not understand.

What are the Signature and Avatar restrictions in the [o-t] Forums for registered users?
Maximum Height:80 pixels
Maximum Width:80 pixels
Maximum Size:20,000 bytes

Signature Images
Maximum Height:300 pixels
Maximum Width:100 pixels
Maximum Size:50,000 bytes
Link to External Picture:No. We have found our old forums seemed considerably slower because of the large linked images.

How do we challenge [o-t] to a Scrimmage?
The Old Timers clan isn't a competative gaming clan. We aren't involved in any leagues as a group, although a few members have scrimmaged as part of the 30+ clan. We will occasionally play in friendly scrimmages for fun with neighboring clans (and 99% of the time get our asses handed to us). We have no strategies, very poor coordination, and lack response time. :) If you do want a scrimmage you'll need to register in our forums and post in the Player to Clan Communication section. In general it will depend on the interest of the clan and how many members sign up. Not many are interested in a competative match.

We only play in scrimmages if we host (you can thank a TFC clan for using sv_cheats for that restriction)

We often host "Clan vs Pub" or "Guys vs Gals" nights, but these are more social not strategic events.

TM (Trouble Maker Tags), also known as Player Halos, Gags and Mutes
If a person is a problem in the server and they are on their last chance before being banned we'll TM Tag them. This means they have a halo above their head and are a slightly brighter color then their team mates.
If they are gagged or muted it is because the player doesn't know how to use the mic/text without our rules.
How do I get my tag/gag/mute removed?
You can't. Most tags/gags/mutes are permanent. Like bans they are usually only reviewed once per year. Should you be told your tag/gag/mute will be reviewed in X days you have a chance. We have software to remind us, trying to remind us will get your gag/tag/mute extended.
Can I jeapordize my chances of having it removed?
Absolutely. Asking about your tag/gag/mute is considered bad form. Complaining about your tag/gag/mute, especially publicly in the server is the surest way to see it isn't removed and possibly get banned. Telling people you believe the tag/gag/mute to be unfounded will almost surely get it made perm. You're tagged because we're ready to get rid of you, show us that feeling is unfounded and it will be removed. Show us you're a complainer and we'll remove you.
You'll ban someone with a tag for complaining or asking about it too much?
In a heartbeat. Ask Otto.
Has anyone ever had their tag removed?
Yes, at one point Sleepyguy had a TM Tag. He NEVER asked about it. He fit in so well with the community and didn't complain about it or ask about it that it was removed shortly after it was given. Asking once will generally add some time to a TM Tag, asking several people will add months, asking clan members after being told not to will insure it is never removed or get you banned.

What are the player title rankings of in your forums?
Veteran Community Member - A player that has played in our server on 365 separate days.
Long Term Regular Player - A player that has played in our server on 180 separate days and 40 hours in the last 60 days.
Long Term Player - A player that has played in our server on 180 separate days.
Regular Player - A player with less then 180 days but 40 hours in the last 60 days.
Player - A player with over 10 days in the server.
New Player - A player with less then 10 days in the server.

Map Voting System
Map Voting
The [o-t] clan uses a category voting system to choose maps. The first vote will ask the user what type of map they want to play. This is different from game to game. In Fortress Forever, the following Game Types are available:
Capture the Flag - Both teams attempt to steal the others flag and return it to their base.
Attack / Defend (dustbowl-like) - One team defends a series of capture points while the other team attacks and conquers them.
2-Way Control Point (warpath-like) - Both teams have capture points and it's in effect a push-of-war instead of a tug-of-war. Each team attempts to capture a series of control point in order until all control points are captured.
Territorial Control (cz2-like) - The map is made up of many independent control points, the first team to own all control points at the same time wins.
Hunted - A team helps an civilian move from one section of the map to another while the other team attempts to assasinate him.
Other - Maps that are Death-Match like or just regular "fun" maps fall into this category.

During either a regular "nextmap" vote or a "rockthevote" the game-type menu will appear. In Fortress-Forever you will need to hit ESC to see this menu:

Everyone will be able to see who voted for what type of map:

Once these votes are tallied and a game-play type has been choosen, a customized map vote will be started:

This vote map WILL contain nominations if those maps are of the type everyone in the server has choosen.

As with the map type, everyone can see what map you voted for:

If you have any questions about how the system works, please post in the Player to Clan Communcation section of the forums.

Old Timers Clan Map Information
-- TF2 Map List - Last 7 days --
Map Times Played

How do reserved slots work on the [o-t] server?
General Overview
Reserved slots is a method of insuring that clan members and donating players may get into the server when they want. We do not have as aggressive a policy as most other servers. Each server has 2 reserved slots. This example will outline a 24 slot TF2 server for clarity purposes. Here is how our reserved slots system works:

The server will accept up to 22 players before it begins rejecting people for reserved slots. These players may be clan members or non-clan members. When the server reaches a capacity of 22 players any non-clan member / non-donating player trying to connect will receive the "reserved slot" rejection message. If a clan member or donating player enters the server they will take up one of the two reserved slots. No player will be kicked from the server to re-open another slot. It is possible that two clan members or donating players could enter the server after there are already 22 players in the machine and have the server completely filled with 24 slots taken. A few examples:

22 players (2 open reserved slots)
A clan member or donating player enters the server
23 players (1 open reserved slot)
A regular non-donating player leaves the server
22 players (2 open reserved slots)

... you get the picture.

Section II: Map Changes
If the server has over 22 players in it and the map changes the server will re-evaluate players as they reconnect. This is a first-come first serve basis. So, let's assume for a moment that the server has:
22 regular players and 1 clan member for a total of 23 slots and the map changes.

If the clan member connects first, 21 more players will enter the server and the 22nd will be kicked for reserved slot. However, if the clan member enters the server last they will take up the reserved slot and no one will get kicked. There is absolutely no way for us to coordinate who connects to the server when, it's all by chance. Steam forces every user to reconnect to the server after map change. Again, it's a first come first serve basis.

Section III: I'm getting the "server is full" message
The "server is full" message is a valve message meaning the server already has as many players as possible. It is not a part of the reserved slot system. You may see the server have 21/22 players and get this message because someone else is also trying to connect as the same time as you. Here's how that might look:
  1. You look at server, see 21/22 players.
  2. John Doe tries to connect to the server and does not have a reserved slot.
  3. Becky Bandhammer tries to connect to the server and does not have a reserved slot.
  4. [o-t] Silar tries to connect to the server and does have a reserved slot.
  5. You try to connect to the server and have a reserved slot.
  6. Behind the scene John is "sending client information", steam considers him in the server even though the server hasn't recognized him as "being in the server".
  7. Becky sends client information to the server and is rejected by valve with "server is full" message.
  8. [o-t] Silar sends client information to the server and is rejected by valve with "server is full" message.
  9. You try to connect, and are kicked for "server is full"
  10. John FULLY connects, the reserve slot system sees he does not have a reserved slot and kicks him.
This is the primary reason we have two reserved slots. People connecting take up a slot for a very short period of time, having the second slot allows reserved members to make it into the server. When the server actually is close to capacity it's a crapshoot by Valve, you'll just need to keep trying to connect. Your chances of getting in with a reserved slot are greater, but it can understandably be frustrating.
Section IV: Does the TV thing take up a reserved slot?
Nope, doesn't affect it at all.
Section V: Other Things to Take Note
Clan members and donating players take up regular slots prior to taking up reserved slots. This ensures that the maximum number of clan members and donating players can get into the server freely.

Do not ask for a reserved slot.

We will not grant reserved slots to players who ask for them. Asking us for a reserved slot is just as bad as asking us to join the clan and will be greeted with just as much enthusiasm.

We will not set the visible slots to a lower number to mask reserved slots, it makes reserved slots not work.

We will not change the reserved slot system, we like it exactly the way that it is. It works perfectly for our clan members and donating players and is in place solely for their enjoyment.

Other servers kick players already connected when a reserved slot is filled, we do not think that is fair and do not do that.

You may donate to get a reserved slot here:

TF2 In Game Server Information

I believe a player is cheating!!!
Please remember that a person being good, or having a high score doesn't necessarily mean that they are cheating. There are fairly easy ways to see if someone is cheating. If you are speculating them and their view "snaps" to another player to kill them that's a very clear sign of aim-bot. If you aren't sure if someone is cheating you need to record a demo. We will not take action on a player without a demo, just as we wouldn't kick you for cheating without seeing the behavior directly.

If you do not know how to record a demo, see, "How do Record a Demo" in the FAQ.

AFTER you have recorded a demo of the cheating behavior, let a clan member know in the forums through the Player to Clan communication section. We'll give you a username and password to FTP the demo to us.

We will review the demo and let you know if we see anything that looks suspicious. Please make sure you are absolutely SURE that someone is cheating. This means you're watching the player and they are doing things that you just don't think are possible, not just that they seem to be very good. Reviewing demo's isn't something we like to do all the time, so we really want people to be sure.

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