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Steam-ID Required Registration
We have an automated process called ScuzTools that only allows people who have played on our game servers to register in our forums. At the time of registration the system checks your IP address against the IP addresses that have played on our servers. It will tell you your steam-id if you have one, and associate your forum account with that ID(banned steam-ids aren't allowed to register). If you haven't played on our game server (i.e. all spam ) the system just won't let the account register. This helps us in several ways:

- No spam, ever.

- Because each forum account is associated with a steam-id only the people who really want to contribute sign up. (flamers don't want to be known that well)

- The sign-up process for the forums is completely automated, we no longer have to "approve" accounts, it's all done by the users themselves. The forums require a real e-mail address so you can activate your own account and with the steam-id association no one who's a problem is going to register to cause issues.

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