View Full Version : (Offering) Potions - Lots and lots of potions

November 1st, 2012, 06:45 PM
Thanks to the ability to play while working I've been able to pick up over 100 potions.

Potions are slated to disappear on the 9th of Nov.

Exorcism: On kill, target turns into little ghosts.

Spectral Spectrum: A team spirit glowing paint, switching from yellow to red for RED and from white to blue for BLU.
Sinister Staining: Lime green paint, but with a glowing effect.
Putrescent Pigmentation: Olive Paint, but with a glowing effect.
Chromatic Corruption: On use of a hat, the color of the hat changes color's between 2-3 colors.
Die Job: Purple Paint, with a glowing effect.

Gourd Grenades: Demoman grenade projectiles are turned into Pumpkins. Can be used on the Ullapool caber, but will not affect anything.
Squash Rockets: Changes soldier's rockets to pumpkins.
Sentry Quad Pumpkins: Changes the Level 3 Sentry rockets to pumpkins with a purple smoke trail.
Spectral Flame: Changes Pyro's flames to green.

Headless Horseshoes:
Team Spirit Footprints: (Don't have)
Rotten Orange Footprints:
Gangreen Footprints: (Don't have)
Bruised Purple Footprints:
Violent Violent Footprints:
Corpse Gray Footprints:

Each class has a spell that changes it's voice.

If you would like any of these spells just add my trading account (Pawnshop is quitting TF2) and let me know what you'd like.

If you feel like trading something for them that's great but I'm just offering them for free.