View Full Version : (Offering) Lots of Crates

October 27th, 2012, 10:03 PM
See if any activity still happens around here.

Got about a full page of crates just wasting space. I don't know a damn thing about values, but I do know crates aren't worth anything. I'll take scrap or random weapon or something equally worthless for a few crates or something... saw somewhere that 8 for a scrap was common... ouch

Got #15 up to the current series, mostly in the 30/40 range though, including Eerie for as long as they exist. I doubt I have any reason to want to keep any of them. Might even let them all go at once for something of minor worth.

Again, wanting metal or weapons, nothing fancy. I have little of worth, feel free to poke around though. I also still have a minor goal of crafting one of every weapon, so a few specific weapons I may wish to have for crafting, mostly have Grordbort and newer left to nab. But I really expect nothing more than scrap...

Throw me a message on steam, I am -always- on there.